We Offer NFPA, OSHA and DOT Compliant Physicals and Health Surveillances to

Business, Industry and Emergency Services Agencies.

SORT can help your employees minimize lost productivity associated with on-the-job injuries and illnesses, and maximize health care dollars utilizing an effective method of education and prevention.

SORT customizes any kind of on-site healthcare you require such as Hepatitis B screenings, DOT Physicals, Drug Screen Testing, Respiratory, Exams, Mask Fit Testing, Hazardous Materials Physicals, and other Immunizations.

The Health Surveillance Program helps to ensure the safety of your employees/members, as well as limiting your future liability by establishing a baseline condition. We conduct Respiratory Physicals, Hazmat Physicals, Pulmonary Function Studies, Lab Work, EKG Studies, and NFPA/OSHA compliant quantitative mask fit studies at your location or at our facility. Our physicals are conducted by licensed professional healthcare personnel utilizing the latest in diagnostic equipment.

SORT's Mobile Emergency Department is able to travel to your location to conduct physicals.

SORT is available 24 hours a day to assist organizations with any type of blood borne or air borne pathogen exposure incident. This assistance is available to any organization that contracts with us for services.

SORT's physicals and medical operations are conducted and/or supervised by Roy L. Alson, MD.

, SORT Medical Director

SORT Disaster Training Center, Winston-Salem, North Carolina


Contact us for more information about our Occupational Health Services Programs.

(336) 759-3924 ext. 105 or 123 .  

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