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"To provide the highest level of disaster medical support through education, research and response"


"Hazardous chemical" is defined as any element, chemical compound or mixture which is a physical or health hazard as defined in N.C. Occupational Health & Safety Administration standards. Any facility that manufactures, uses, transports or stores hazardous materials is required to have Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) with full instructions and warnings as well as a hazardous materials emergency plan. Most businesses do not have the staff, money or time to hire full-time HazMat specialists to keep current with ever-changing regulations.

SORT serves as a local and regional resource, and offers a Compliance Package to local businesses to help them comply with local, state and federal regulations. When an organization contracts for the Compliance Package, SORT also enters into an agreement to respond in the event of an incident.
As part of our HazMat Compliance Package, SORT can provide a detailed Emergency Action Plan which is custom-made for the organization. This plan includes a hazardous materials inventory, handling protocols, evacuation procedures, and general safety guidelines. We also teach right-to-know and hazmat classes and provide on- or off- site medical surveillance programs. We provide quarterly reviews of the plan, inspection of the facility, recommendations to management regarding compliance issues, and a more knowledgeable response team in case of an incident.

Our HazMat team participates in intensive training and exercises in hazmat drills on a regular basis. HazMat team members are classified according to their levels of training as Awareness (12 class hours), Operations (18 class hours), or Technician (100 class hours). In case of an incident, the team can respond within 20 minutes in Forsyth County at the request of another emergency agency or a business. The HazMat team will, under the direction of a physician, decontaminate and treat any exposed personnel at the scene, provide health exams, complete all necessary documentation, and if necessary, send victims to the nearest hospital that is equipped for decontamination. The team is also trained to dean up minor spills. Generally, SORT does not respond to exposures outside of Forsyth County, due to the location of equipment and delays of travel time.


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