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SORT Emergency Operations Center (EOC)


The mission of Alternate Medical Care Setup is to meet the Special Medical Needs of those individuals who are either homebound or in assisted living facilities in times of disaster. This division will provide pre-disaster planning assistance, an emergency response team to coordinate disaster response, and the equipment, supplies, and personnel to establish a Special Medical Needs Shelter. This division works closely with the Medical and Logistics Divisions to provide the care required in a Alternate Medical Care Facility.

The Division's goal is to provide support for the Alternate Medical Care population in order that they may remain in their current residence and when that is no longer feasible, to mobilize and maintain an Alternate Medical Care Facility. This is done in the following manner:

Mobilization of the Command Center (CC). Representatives of Home Care and Durable Medical Equipment (DME) Company's, Emergency Services, Social Services, Assisted Living Facilities, and SORT staff the Center to coordinate and deliver services to patients in need.
When activated, the Alternate Medical Care Command Center will be located at the SORT Disaster Training Center.

Mobilization of the Shelter. A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) has been established with Forsyth Technical Community College (West Campus) to provide the location for the shelter in the event of a county-wide disaster. MOU's have also been established with a large church in each quadrant of Forsyth County. This procedure allows SORT the flexibility to open a shelter in one geographic area of the county, when appropriate.

Supplies for the shelter are stored in 25 patient increments to allow quicker, more efficient setup.

The response is available 24 hours per day by calling the SORT Emergency Number. In addition, there is an on-going effort to recruit and train volunteers for the shelter.

Childcare and sleeping/eating facilities are provided at the shelter for the families of SORT members and assisted living/home care staff working at the shelter.



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Home and Hospice

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